throughout the buying process

Once the projet is approved, you can choose the model

All  models available for this project were approved by the municipality and comply with current regulations. Our sales representative will show you the available options for each model. A preliminary contract will be signed, giving you the time to confirm with your financial institution how much you can invest.

We team up with mortgage brokers as required. Once your budget is confirmed, you'll meet with an advisor who will go over all of the details and features of your future home with you. The contract will then be made official and a schedule will be confirmed.

throughout the construction

Buying a house is an important decision

If you  so choose, you may visit the site with a supervisor at different stages of construction. These accompanied visits are included in the work schedule, but  are not allowed while there are workers on the site. All of your questions  will be answered. This way, there will be no surprises upon delivery.

After sales services

The new home guarantee is well regulated in Quebec

Gestion Mainville Entrepreneur Général is a member of the GCR (Garantie Construction  Résidentielle). And we stand firmly behind our A Rating.

You will be entitled  to a separate guarantee covering any corrections to be made in the first  year, first three years, and first five years. Obtaining this guarantee is as  easy as filling out a correction request form and emailing to

Within 15 days of your request, you will be contacted to validate your request and make an agreement with respect to the admissible corrections of the guarantee. If your request is not covered by the guarantee, a manager will refer you to a partner that can do the work.

Before taking possession of your home, please read the GCR Buyer's Guide and New Home Maintenance Guide, as well as the APCHQ performance guide. It's your assurance that we've met the highest quality construction standards.

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